League Rules

The International Basketball League (IBL) is an efficient men's professional basketball league heading into our 9th season based in Vancouver, Washington, USA engaging high level athletes, coaches and business professionals, dedicated to fostering international basketball talent focused on providing family friendly events for fans in great communities. Our full season and branding teams have spanned North America with International Tour Teams who participate in our high level competition within a season of play from late April until early July just as the NBA Development League and many overseas leagues are winding down attracting first-class athletes. IBL teams play in quality venues with unique on court rules which create a fast paced, high scoring, exciting game. Players move into positions with the NBA Development League (D League) as well as international leagues overseas such as our partner the Basketball Japan League (BJL), Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), South East Australian Basketball League (SEABL), Basketball Bundesliga (BBL), Portuguese Basketball League (LCB) and many more.

With the new IBL Rule Book consists of an NBA rule base with adopted FIBA rules including allowing hitting or touching the ball once the ball touches the rim, all Officials, Score Table, Coaches and Players are prepared for competition. Tommy Nunez, Director of Officials, is leading our Team Officials for successful IBL Season.

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